Love Basics

Never tried CrossFit? Want to learn the basics? Is it time to add something new to your routine? Or maybe you’ve been out of the gym for a while and could use a refresher course?

This is the program for you.

Love Basics is our Intro to CrossFit program. We teach you the fundamentals all the while getting a great workout in. All you need to do is commit to attending one class time EVERY Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 4 weeks. We keep the classes small and cover a different movement in every session to ensure you get the attention you need and progress in difficulty at a comfortable rate over the course of the program. No experience is necessary as our coaches are there with you every step of the way and tailor the experience to your ability.

This program starts on the first Monday of every month, unless a holiday. Sign up by going to Fill out the form to the right or email with any questions!

CrossFit Love

CrossFit Love is a strength and conditioning program that breeds success through fundamental fitness principals, hard-work, and a strong community. Regardless of age or gender, and regardless of whether your ultimate goal is excellence in sport or overall health, there are a few components of fitness we all need. We all need to be able to lift heavy objects, control our body weight, run, jump, and balance with efficiency. Our CrossFit group class is a general strength and conditioning class where you’ll learn and develop these foundational components of fitness. We have no machines, but we do have plenty of different tools, including barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, gymnastic rings, pull-up stations, tires, chains, weight sleds, and of course our bodies. Everyone works hard, but no one will be asked to do things they can’t safely do. Everything we do in the group class is scalable. If the weight is too heavy, it can be lowered. If a movement is too advanced, it can be modified. Above all other considerations is individual safety. We want everyone training with us for the long haul and keeping you injury-free is a top priority.



LoveFit is a strength and conditioning class that uses functional, but simple, movement patterns that everyone can do. These sessions are challenging but scaled to your needs… We didn’t say easy, we said simple! LoveFit is a program designed for those looking to reach their health and fitness goals without the implementation of barbells, skilled gymnastics movements, powerlifting, or Olympic lifting. These classes run side by side with our CrossFit class. You will all warm up together, then LoveFit will generally do a body weight workout while CrossFit completes their strength portion. Both groups will then perform a similar metcon. The long-term result is some amazingly fit people. Just because you see some very fit members coming through our doors doesn’t mean they all started out that way!

Love WLC

Love Weightlifting Club is a training program focuses primarily on improving the technical execution of the snatch, clean & jerk and related lifts. This program is intended to supplement your regular training regimen and improve explosiveness, strength, and coordination in addition to improving comfort with the lifts. We have nationally ranked lifters, top of the line equipment and a expert staff of coaches.

Love Nutrition

Are you having trouble losing weight? Do you have a “crash” every afternoon and feel like you can’t control your energy levels? Do you feel like your performance suffers from fatigue? Do you feel like no matter how much sleep you get, you never feel fully “rested”? Do you feel like you have nagging achy pain in your body that medicine or therapy doesn’t seem to help? Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? Do you have skin issues, digestive issues, or hormonal issues? Any or all of these symptoms can often be linked back to nutrition. Even if you’re eating the “right stuff” and do “pretty well,” there could be deficiencies and/or imbalances in your nutrition leading to disregulation in your body.

Love Nutrition is a personalized nutrition coaching model that begins with an in-depth initial assessment and analysis of a client’s dietary habits. We dive into the client’s habits, needs, and objectives to establish the client’s goals. From here, a Love Nutrition coach lays down appropriate framework designed to help the client reach their health, performance, or body composition goals. Love Nutrition coaches are committed to their client’s success and bring accountability with weekly facetime/skype progress checks. For more information or to schedule an assessment, visit or email

Love Movement

Love Movement is a results and patient-centric clinic specializing in the evaluation and treatment of pain and biomechanics dysfunction. Whether your pain is from a recent injury or has been a long-term nagging issue, our goal is to find the root-cause of your pain and to resolve it as quickly as possible. Our commitment is to help you achieve your goals from treatment and to return to doing what you love. We always work one-on-one with our patients, performing a detailed evaluation that drives focused and effective myofascial release treatments and a custom-built rehabilitation program.

The combination of rehabilitation, treatment, and specific rehab enable us to identify the problem, make a noticeable change in your condition with therapy, and then maintain the improvement with mobility and stability exercises.

To schedule an appointment, visit to register in our patient portal and request an appointment, or email

Love Performance Medicine

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